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Steve has worked with such great organizations as:
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In “Pride Leadership”...
  • ​We start with a real-life story on LGBTQ+ Leadership … whether they be awesome-sauce success stories or some crash-and-burn failures in leadership, I think it’s important to hear from others besides me 
  • ​We’ll define stuff (so we’re on the same page … literally) and provide some context on the topic of leadership competency and what I’ve found to be current or pivotal thoughts in each topic
  • ​I’ll pepper some reflective questions at the right spots to get you to think about your own LGBTQ+ leadership path and how it relates to the topic at hand
  • ​I tie each leadership competency to concepts as mentioned in The G Quotient research
  • I'll talk about prescriptive steps or actions you can choose to take in order to be more effective in that particular leadership competency
By Dr. Steven R. Yacovelli
Pride Leadership examines the unique experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, and shows how those experiences can be called on to develop powerful leadership skills. This long overdue exploration of LGBTQ+ leaders is insightful and inclusive, and many will find it transforms how they approach authentic leadership. Easy to read and easy to utilize, Pride Leadership is a worthwhile read for both members of the queer community and straight allies hoping to improve their communication skills.”

Jennifer Brown
CEO & Founder - Jennifer Brown Consulting

Proud winner of a 2019 New York City Big Book Award & 2020 Independent Press Award

From the Author...
Some things we’ll explore in my book “Pride Leadership” are concepts and ideas I’ve seen within my twenty-five-plus years of creating and facilitating leadership workshops for clients. 
Whether it’s the Fortune 100 media/entertainment company (run by a rodent) I’ve worked with, to a very ‟big blue” Fortune 50 tech giant; from a national not-for-profit professional association supporting libraries, to a major philanthropic foundation trying to eradicate malaria and other great improve-the-world-initiatives; there are so many similarities in the challenges that leaders have in all the groups I’ve played with not to notice a pattern. Other topics are just concepts or books I’ve curated as ‟best practices” over the years and happily share those concepts (with appropriate credit to each originator!). 
With that said, we’ll look at all this leadership awesomeness through the lens of being a member of the LGBTQ+ Community, and how the superpowers you already have inside of you can be harnessed so that you’re an even more effective Leader than you already are!
From the Foreword
  I’ve been a professional communicator all my career: from working in marketing to corporate training to leadership consulting to change management … all my paychecks over the years have been because of some job where I learned to talk goodly and communicate effectively. And I’ve seen how the power that this, coupled with other traits or competencies, has separated the manager from the leader within the workplace (or—let’s be honest— the corporate “jungle”). 
As a member of the LGBTQ+ Community—there’s some common experiences we have faced together. While I will absolutely admit we all have our own experience and context with which we look at the world (more on bias and unconscious bias later!), as a collective Community, we have many shared traits/skills/experiences. Duh: that’s what community means! 
It hit me: LGBTQ+ folks—in general—naturally have a lot of the skills it takes to be effective leaders. Whether that’s having empathy, being authentic, or knowing how to communicate effectively to a variety of audiences, through our shared journey we’ve had practice in many of these areas. And we can channel that awesomeness into being a more effective and inclusive leader in our respective workplaces—and beyond. And thus Pride Leadership was born (cue “Circle of Life” music and picture me holding up this book on Pride Rock now). ”
Dr. Steve Yacovelli
Steve (or ‟Doc Yock” as his students used to call him) has spent much of his career consulting with clients on the right solutions for their business; specifically, as it relates to employee engagement, effective communication, corporate learning, and measuring the impact of those interventions. 

A seasoned change practitioner, to him, corporate learning is just looking at ways to improve and change behavior, so combining the strategies of change management to the corporate learning function leads to impact that ‟sticks” with employees. 

With over twenty years’ experience in strategy, education, and communication, Steve is a rare breed of professional that understands the power of using academic theory and applying it to the corporate setting to achieve business results. 
Praise for “Pride Leadership”...
What people are saying about this critically-acclaimed book...
The leadership manual many have been waiting for, and the others don’t know how much they need.
Review By David F.
Dr. Steven Yacovelli has assembled a superb toolbox in ‟Pride Leadership: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Leader to be the King or Queen of Their Jungle” that includes all the tools necessary for the success of the emotionally intelligent leader. Not only an important read for LGBTQ+ leaders, but, arguably, far more important for the leaders who ‟don’t know what they don’t know.”
Great read and super enlightening
Review By  Meredy J.
I am an lgbtq+ ally and I thought the book was great - not just for gay people but smart straight people who want to step up their communication skills and interactions w anyone. Really easy to read and funny.
There are nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the book
Review By  Bill H.
Dr. Yacovelli (Steve) has written more than just a guidebook for LGBTQ+ leaders. He has woven in key concepts of organizational development, inclusion and leadership principles - all while balancing the importance of leadership with the need to not take one's self too seriously. There are nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the book. As a seasoned (a.k.a. older) LGBTQ+ leader he provides wise guidance on the many keys to great leadership - whoever you are. I've already shared his wisdom and his book with others. Bravo Steve!

For nearly two decades NGLCC has been the business voice of the LGBT community, helping empower and elevate our business leaders worldwide. “Pride Leadership: Strategies for LGBTQ+ Professionals to be the King or Queen of their Jungle”, by NGLCC-certified business owner Dr. Steve Yacovelli, speaks to the importance of fostering the next generation of leaders in our community to ensure our social and economic progress continues moving forward toward opportunity and inclusion for all.

—Justin Nelson, Co-Founder & President,
National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)

Being an inclusive leader is so important, more now than ever before. For an LGBTQ+ Leader, understanding your power and influence in leveraging empathy, being authentic, managing relationships, and the other competencies Steve shares in “Pride Leadership” are great revelations for emerging leaders, and good practical 
reminders for experienced leaders. I highly recommend this fun, informative, and engaging read for any LGBTQ+ Leader.

Jon G. Munoz, Vice President,Global Diversity & Inclusion, Hilton

An accessible and essential read. Leadership in action. “Pride Leadership” is filled with resonant examples and exercises to teach profound lessons—to and about ourselves. It will teach you to think like an inclusive leader.

Ingrid Galvez Thorp, Co-Founder of Thorp, LLC

Thoughtful, helpful, and wickedly enjoyable. If you lead any team, business, or organization, you’ll get a lot out of Steve’s insights found in “Pride Leadership”. Plus, it’s pretty darn fun to read.

Casey Nicholaw, Tony Award-winning Broadway director/choreographer

There are a lot of ‟leadership” books out there today, but none come to mind that speak directly to an LGBTQ Leader. In “Pride Leadership”, Steve not only speaks straight to our community (so to speak), but does so with empathy, passion, and practical wisdom. An enjoyable yet thoughtful read, I highly recommend this for any LGBTQ person wishing to amp up their leadership game. —Gina Duncan, Director of Transgender Equality,

Gina Duncan, Director of Transgender Equality,
Equality Florida Institute
What's inside 
Sample Pages •
  • CHAPTER ONE - Let’s Get This Pride Leadership Party Started!
  • CHAPTER TWO - Understanding the ‟G” Quotient
  • CHAPTER THREE​- Being Consciously Inclusive.
  • CHAPTER FOUR -  The Shiny Unicorn That is You: Being Your Authentic Self
  • CHAPTER FIVE - Roar Like a Lion: Having Courage
  • CHAPTER SIX - Yielding the Magic Fairy Wand (or Sword) of Empathy.
  • CHAPTER EIGHT - Mr/Ms/Mx Green Jeans: Building & Cultivating Relationships.
  • CHAPTER NINE - Getting in Shape: Shaping Culture
Excerpt From Chapter 3
Excerpt From Chapter 5
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